The rules and regulations of this marathon accord with FY 2017 covenants between the Japan Track and Field Association and the Naha Marathon Association.

  1. Every runner must be in proper physical condition to participate in the race. Runners should assume personal responsibility in arranging for medical examinations prior to race participation.
  2. Registration Cards as proof of registration, must be placed in the appropriate box on the day of the race.
  3. Every participant must wear the number assigned by the Association.
  4. The Marathon Association will provide only immediate medical care for injuries incurred during the actual running of the Marathon. The Association cannot be held responsible for losses caused by theft or accidents. Runners are urged to take every precaution.
  5. Course section closures will occur as vehicular traffic resumes at 3hrs post-start at course midpoint (21.3km), 4-1/2hrs. post-start at 34km distance, and at 6hrs post-start at finish line. Any lagging runners must immediately remove their numbers and move to the pedestrian walk when asked to halt running.
  6. When a judge or a physician decrees a runner unable to continue racing, the runner must stop paricipation.
  7. Participants under 18 years of age must supply written parental or gunardian consent.

Time check point

Time checkpoints will be set throughout the marathon, based on transport safety, security, and our operations and logistics requirements. Entrants who arrive at the checkpoint well after the designated closing time will be asked to withdraw from the marathon.

Checkpoint Location Distance(km) Closing Time
Checkpoint 1 Peace pray park 21.3 12:15
Checkpoint 2 Tomigusuku-shi Government Office 34 14:10
FINISH Ohnoyama Stadium 42.195 15:15

The recommended times for runners to drop out the race

    Nakaima intersection (7.2km) ……10:30
    Kochinda junior high school(13.3km) ……11:35
    Gushikami junction(17.1km)……12:00
    Nanbu hospital (28.3km)……13:30
    Akamine intersection  (39.3km)……15:00

Naha Marathon Rules

  1. The Rules and Regulations of this Marathon accord with covenants between the Japan Track and Field Association and the Naha Marathon Association.
  2. To preclude serious injury, judges may halt participation when they determine a participant unable to continue the race. When paricipants refuse to observe courtesies or disregard warnings from judges, participants may be asked to stop racing. (ex. refusals to go to assigned starting position, improper entry onto course, etc.)
  3. When a judge determines that a participant is unable to meet the course deadlines, the runner may be asked to stop racing.

Eliminated participants must immediately remove their numbers and move to the pedestrian walk.


The Marathon would be impossible without our sponsors. Please do not cover or obscure the sponsor identification on your race number.

Please Cooperate

Parking on date of event is very limited. All participants are asked to use public trans-portation. Family members, friends and spectators are asked to avoid use of private vehicles. Traffic jams accompanying the Marathon are serious inconveniences to local residents and to Marathon operations. Please especially avoid parking anywhere between mid-point of course and finish line.