37th NAHA Marathon

Participation in the event

  1. A marathon is a grueling sport. Runners may have unexpected accidents due to the lack of physical fitness. Do not participate if you are experiencing health problems. If you feel ill during the race, retire from the race immediately.
  2. The organizer will implement first aid if there is an accident during the competition, but will bear no other responsibility except in cases arising due to gross negligence on the part of the organizer. (The organizer will take out insurance, but the insurance will not cover hospitalization, etc., due to medical diseases, etc. Please note that for accidents during the competition, the scope will be only the scope of that insurance.)
  3. If you receive medical services in japan, if you have a Japanese health insurance certificate, your charges will be calculated in accordance with the health insurance system. If you do not have a health insurance certificate, you are responsible for all of your medical expenses, payment is quite expensive. I would like you to join the insurance that covers your overseas tournament participation individually.

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