The Runner's Guide to the world

Time check point

Time checkpoints will be set throughout the marathon, based on transport safety, security, and our operations and logistics requirements. Entrants who arrive at the checkpoint well after the designated closing time will be asked to withdraw from the marathon.

Checkpoint Location Distance(km) Closing Time
Checkpoint 1 Peace pray park 21.3 12:15
Checkpoint 2 Naha nursing school 34.3 14:10
FINISH Ohnoyama Stadium 42.195 15:15

The recommended times for runners to drop out the race

    Nakaima intersection (7.4km) ……10:30
    Kochinda junior high school(13.5km) ……11:35
    Gushikami junction(17.3km)……12:00
    Nanbu hospital (28.3km)……13:30
    Akamine intersection  (39.3km)……15:00