Start and Goal

Ohnoyama Stadium in Naha City.

  • 1 min by walk from Tsubogawa station (There is a same name station as Ohnoyama koen, but the nearest is here).
  • 10 min by walk from Naha Bus Terminal (Near Asahibashi station).
  • 5–10 min by taxi from Naha Airport (= Naha kuko).

The Stadium Map

a. in front of shrine Gate bus stop
b. Koenmae bus stop
c. Yamashita Police Station
d. in front of indoor athletics graund(Naval Pier bus stop)
e. Onoyama-koen Station bus stop

1. Information Desk
Registration of Special Drink
(7:00am to 7:20am on the race day.)

2. The administration

3. Finish Gate

4. Issue of Finisher's Certificates & medals

5. Sports Drinks

6. Sub-ground
(1.Sponsors Booths, 2.Food & Drink Booths)

7. Medical Center

8. Arena in Prefectural Budo-kan
Nov,30 1.Reception for Runners
    2.Opening Ceremony
Dec,1 1.Reception for Runners
    2.Depository of Valuables(pay)

9. Depository of Luggage

10. Changing room

11. Open space with grass(Massage,Taping)

Provisional parking

A provisional parking lot will be made available on the free zone side to the west of the Naha Military Port (near Naha Airport). Free shuttle buses will be operating between the provisional parking lot and the venue.

Provisional parking lot operating hours

Day before race for runner registrations: November 30 (Saturday) from 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM
On the race day: December 1 (Sunday) from 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM

* Cars remaining after the closing time will be towed to another parking location with a tow truck. Transportation fees and parking fees and the like will be charged to the owner of the vehicle in such instances. Drivers are directed to move their cars to outside the gates before closing time.